Paganini in Old Town, Stockholm’s Facebook Wi-Fi triumph!

Paganini Ristorante

A Family-owned Italian treasure in the heart of Stockholm

In this rustic and traditional Italian restaurant on Västerlånggatan in Stockholm’s Old town the family has been cooking Italian delicacies for decades using ingredients from all of Italy. With love and respect for the menu, which primarily house dishes from the region Emiliga-Romagna exudes quality and freshness.

Everyone is welcome big as small, some or all. To oblige with customer requests, Paganini, has installed a WiFi that allows the guests to log on using a password.


“More and more people request Wi-Fi”

“More and more people request Wi-Fi”

“We noticed that more and more people requested Wi-Fi. It became part of our waiters’ everyday tasks to help guests with networking and the most common question was “Do you have Wi-Fi.” It felt tiresome and in the end unsustainable, so I started looking for solutions online and came across Rikard, in Semantikos articles”

– Emanuel Paganini

Checka in för gratis WiFi

Reach out to possible consumers!

  • Even though the analysis has only been conducted for 10 days, the result is striking:
  • The number of check-ins has increased by 1216%
  • The dynamic reach of posts has increased by app. 340,47%
  • Guests are no longer asking for the password

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Steg 1: Hitta nätverket

Hitta nätverket

Er Facebook WiFi kommer att heta “Free FB WiFi | ‘Namn på er verksamhet” i era gästers Wi-Fi-meny.

Nordeuropeer väljer 8 gånger av 10 hellre ett öppet nätverk före att be om ett lösenord till ett skyddat Wi-Fi nätverk.

Steg 2: Checka in på Facebook

Checka in på Facebook

Efter att ha valt Er verksamhets Facebook WiFi anslutning leds gästen automatiskt till er Facebook Sida. Där erbjuds gästerna “Check-in for Free Wi-Fi”.

Surfa på Internet

Efter att ha checkat in på Facebook WiFi används Internet som vanligt. FBWiFi samlar in demografisk data om gästerna på Wi-Fi. Statistiken kan bland att användas av Er för att skapa så relevant marknadsföring för målgruppen som möjligt


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