Facebook WiFi in restaurants and bars

FB WiFi is an innovative way to connect your business with its customers in a manner which have previously not been possible.

Provide better service, all while Your guests are marketing You on Facebook Waiters and waitresses get daily questions for the WiFi-password from guests.

On one restaurant in Stockholm the personnel counted how many times they were asked for the password on one evening. A quiet Thursday evening in the middle of the week, a total of 72 tables asked for the password, when that same restaurant was offered Facebook WiFi, they did not hesitate for a second!

One of the co-owners says: “There have been major improvements since the installation of FBWiFi. We have gone from almost a third of the tables being more interested in the WiFi-password than the wine list, to now not having to bother with any password questions at all. We have also noticed that it is a really good tool for reaching out to new guests, by creating an indirect contact with those guests who have visited us. It is also easier reaching out to new customers and creating better experiences for both new and current guests, all because of the extensive statistics.

In the statistics from Facebook Insights it turned out that the average customer for the restaurant is a female aged 18-25. The immediate reaction to this was that the restaurant targeted a third of their marketing towards this group and that they now arrange girls’ night once a month.

Check-ins helps You in reaching out to more people

The check-ins through Facebook WiFi increases steadily and we can see that regardless of business type, more check-ins creates greater participation in the company’s other posts. The extent of your reach will multiply. Furthermore, your personnel will be freed up to focus on providing a high-level of service and a hospitable atmosphere.

FB Wifi pays for itself!

Gaining access to FBWifi is easy! After installing the Wi-Fi router, which we will do for you, we will link up your Facebook-page to the WiFi-network

Fb Wifi costs less than one glass of wine per week, but holds great potential for increasing your profits!

There is so many benefits with Facebook Wi-Fi

  • Your customers connect to the Wifi by a check-in on your Facebook-page & immediately gets the opportunity to like your page.
  • You will gain access to statistics and information about your customers through Facebook Insights.You can send bargains and invitations directly to your guests who are connected to the Wifi.
  • Free Wi-Fi means that guests stay longer and tend to spend more money.
  • Your guests market your business whenever they check-in on your page. This will in term create a wider knowledge and curiosity towards your business
  • You can choose to target your Facebook advertising towards a specific audience based on the statistics from Facebook Insights