Facebook Wi-Fi a super-benefit for hotels!

The hotels guests open up a totally new marketing channel that uses the actual guests as ambassadors while also measuring the engagement online and personal demographics to a use in future marketing!

A FBWiFi installed hotels resultat

  • The hotel was able to adapt its partnerships with restaurants, tour operators, car rental firms based on data collected
  • The Hotel could adapt its marketing after guests’ interests, demographics and surfing habits when they lived at the hotel. The hotel will have access to statistics available from Facebook Insights
  • The Hotel could offer simple internet connection without a password.
  • Over 700 of the 800 hotel guests linked up on the Wi-Fi first weekend.
  • The hotel is able to establish a family-friendly content filter..

Hotels using FBWiFi

The hotels using FBWiFi can now offer quick and easy access to the network anytime, day or night.

The statistics from Facebook Insights, they have begun to adapt its marketing to reach their specific target audience by, for example, local restaurants and car rental agencies. They now have always relevant offers to its customers.


  • 99% of all hotel guests now have a mobile phone
  • 70% of a business guests says that they would chose a hotel with WiFi.
  • Hotels need to offer more than just free Wifi
  • Hotels needs to profile themselves by lying in forefront of IT technology and communication.
  • Hotels needs a form of login that did not require passwords but still allowed the hotel could have control over how many and who were logged on to the network.
  • By Connecting WiFi access the users can be easilt identified and segmented by interests for a long term benefit with better understanding of their target audience


FBWiFis partnership consultants upgraded the entire hotel network, they installed including new access points and the latest VDSL connection to provide the fastest possible fiber connection. With the installed network now offers visitors to easily connect to one of the fastest fiber connections..