Facebook Wifi in Cafés and coffee shops!

Costs less then two Cappuccinos a week!

Facebook WiFi is perfect for cafes!

A cafe is definitly one of the best places to install Facebook WiFi in.  While your guests drink their coffee and surf the Internet, you get valuable marketing and data insights that you can use to more easily and cost-effectively reach out with your marketing.

Many cafes are already offering this WiFi to its customers. Recent market research shows that up to 75% of all guests at a coffee shop looking for the ability to connect to Wi-Fi.

FB Wifi pays itself!

The install FBWifi is easy with only one step! You only plug in the network and electricity socket. Your business get a unique check-in page that easily connects your Facebook business page with the customers. All the customers trying to connect to the Wi-Fi network gets redirected to the page with the offer – “Check in for free WiFi”

FBWifi costs less than two Cafe lates a week and has a great potential to increase your revenue!

  • Your customers connect to the Wifi by checking in on your Facebook page & get direct option to like your
  • page,you will have access to valuable information available about your guests through Facebook
  • Insights,you can send offers and invitations directly to your guests when they are connected to your Wi-Fi
  • Free Wi-Fi allows guests to stay longer and tend to spend more money
  • Your guests promote your business when they check in on your side. This gives you a greater knowledge of your target audience, creates brand awareness and curiosity about your business, you can choose to direct market your business with Facebook advertising to a specific audience based on the statistics from Facebook Insights.

FB WiFi is an innovative way to connect your business with the customers which not previously has been possible.